Mission Aligned Training Announcement

Mission Aligned Training Announcement from BrightMind eLearning, LLC.

Nashville, TN – June 10, 2024 – BrightMind eLearning, a leader in educational media and e-learning solutions, proudly announces its decision to share insights into two groundbreaking methodologies: Mission Aligned Training™ (MAT) and Proficiency-based Agile Scope and Sequence™ (PASS). These innovative approaches promise to transform workforce training and development by integrating agile and evolutionary practices.

Mission-Aligned Training™ (MAT)

Mission Aligned Training™ (MAT) meticulously aligns training programs with an organization’s mission, vision, and culture. MAT serves as a guiding philosophy for developing skills-based training, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in achieving strategic objectives.

Proficiency-based Agile Scope and Sequence™ (PASS)

Proficiency-based Agile Scope and Sequence™ (PASS) aligns training content with business goals, required competencies, and performance objectives. This tactical methodology provides a structured framework, guiding the alignment of training content from needs analysis to delivery. PASS is essential for executing training programs tailored to specific business needs.

Commitment to Socioeconomic Change

Patrick Finnegan, Founder and CEO of BrightMind eLearning, stated, “As a social enterprise, we believe high-quality vocational training is essential for fostering meaningful socioeconomic change. Our Mission-Aligned Training™ philosophy and Proficiency-based Agile Scope and Sequence™ methodology empower individuals and organizations to build a more resilient and inclusive workforce.”

Sharing Insights

By sharing insights into these methodologies, BrightMind eLearning aims to contribute to the broader conversation on effective workforce training. BrightMind eLearning will provide detailed insights into MAT and PASS through whitepapers, webinars, and industry presentations. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to thought leadership and innovation while retaining all intellectual property rights.

For more information on Mission-Aligned Training™ (MAT) and Proficiency-based Agile Scope and Sequence™ (PASS) methodologies, please visit the BrightMind eLearning website at brightmindelearning.com or contact us at [email protected].

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