Assessment strategy and the proper design and inclusion of formative and summative assessments in one are of instructional design that is often given less attention than it deserves. But the importance of a well-designed assessment strategy cannot be overstated.

Formative assessments focus on monitoring learner’s comprehension during the learning process and are non-graded. They offer qualitative feedback to enhance the learning experience and provide retrieval opportunities to make connections between new and existing knowledge, deepen understanding, and move new information from short-term to long-term memory.

On the other hand, summative assessments are used to evaluate a learner’s performance against a standard. These require some form of evaluation in order to grade the quality of answers given by learners using a scoring guides or rubric. Both types of assessments are vital to the success of any learning experience whether for formal primary, secondary, or higher education, or for corporate training and talent development.

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